Jeremy Gabbard joins the show to share the details and benefits of the MTG Paper Legacy discord. Head to for links to their Discord, YouTube, and Twitch.

Can we play paper Legacy yet? Is Jumpstart a great set for Legacy? Will WotC ever demolish the reserved list? These discussions and more in this week's episode!

The cast discuss new cards from Core Set 2021 that have potential in Legacy!

The cast discuss the changes to the Companion mechanic and react to reprint spoilers for M21 and Chandra's Spellbook.

Happy Memorial Day! The cast honor those legacy cards that died while serving the Legacy format. Well, maybe that's a stretch. On this episode, we react to the banning of Lurrus and Zirda and comment on the predicted aftermath.

The cast predict the changes on the 5/18/2020 B&R announcement. 

The cast reunite after some technical issues and resume discussions on the Lurrus metagame.

What's all the commotion around Companions and Lurrus? Is the goose really loose? Did Death & Taxes get a makeover? These questions and more in this week's episode!

The cast discuss discovering new routines, purchasing cards from Facebook, power discrepancies in Commander, and the updates for COVID-19.

The cast review some of the newest Legacy decks that resulted from Ikoria's release and discuss the long-term changes to Legacy.

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