Casual Ponderings

Casual Ponderings is a Magic: the Gathering podcast dedicated to Modern and Legacy. Join Corey, Seth, and Brandon each week as they discuss the game from a casual point of view.

January 28th, 2020    

Ep. 63 - Ranking Legacy (Poll Results)

We released a poll asking players to rank decks in Control, Aggro, and Combo as well as choose a best deck in the format. On this episode, we discuss the results of that poll!

January 20th, 2020    

Ep. 62 - Bans & Innovations

The cast discuss the most recent bannings in the Modern format and evaluate potential bans in Legacy. They also review new and exciting decks that have entered the Legacy metagame!

January 13th, 2020    

Ep. 61 - Theros Beyond Death

The cast reunite after taking a week off to finally discuss the results from team trios and discuss any potential legacy playables from the lastest set, Theros Beyond Death.

December 31st, 2019    

Ep. 60 - 2020 Vision

The cast spend this episode catching up from the holidays and sharing their MTG goals for 2020!

December 24th, 2019    

Ep. 59 - Lands with Jonathan Crafton

The cast sit down with Jonathan Crafton to learn about Legacy Lands and how new cards from 2019 have impacted its strategy.

December 16th, 2019    

Ep. 58 - Okosition with Robert Cuellari

On this week's episode, the cast sit down with Robert Cuellari to discuss the spicy Opposition/Winter Orb brew that he piloted to a 19th place finish at MF Bologna!

December 10th, 2019    

Ep. 57 - Losing the Monarch with Corey Hines

Corey's game winning streak finally ends! On this episode, the cast discuss cards that have personally been impressive post W6 banning and briefly discuss the removal of byes from MagicFests.

December 3rd, 2019    

Ep. 56 - MagicFest Bologna

On this episode, the cast share their opinions on Secret Lair and review the abundance of data from GP Bologna. Legacy is so healthy! Good riddance to Wrenn and Six!

November 25th, 2019    

Ep. 55 - Good Luck, Elks.

Like it or not, Wrenn and Six is banned in Legacy! The cast discuss the winners and losers due to this change and share their plans to adjust to the predicted meta.

November 19th, 2019    

Ep. 54 - The Disney Cast

In this episode, the cast critique streaming services, evaluate the health of Pioneer, Modern, and Legacy, and make predictions for the 11/18/19 B&R update. Tune in to hear some hot takes and wonky predictions!

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