On this episode, the cast catch up after the first week of quarantine, discuss the resurgence of RUG Delver and Elves, and breakdown new decks in the format!

Seth rants about Secret Lair, Kidd misses Underworld Breach, and Corey works too much! Tune in for a wide variety of topics including the direction of the Legacy metagame!

Kidd placed 15th in the Legacy Challenge with Jeskai Breach, Corey picked up more foils for Dead Guy Ale, and Seth cried about Death & Taxes! 

Ryder Adkins, also known as The Abzan Man on YouTube, joins the cast to briefly discuss winning the Bayou at A&H Games, how content creation has improved his game, and to discuss ideas and lessons that players can consider if they want to improve at the game!

On this episode, Cameron Tyler joins the cast to discuss Legacy Maverick! How is the deck positioned in the current meta? How has the deck adapted to the powerful cards printed in 2019? Tune in to find out! 

On this episode, the cast review successful Underworld Breach lists and discuss the direction of the strategy. Kidd shares his thoughts on how best to fight the combo.

On this episode, the cast debate why Delver strategies always find their way to the top of the Legacy meta and discuss the relevance of Delver of Secrets being blue.

A&H Games in Monroe, LA hosted a Win-A-Dual with a Revised Bayou as the grand prize! On this episode, we shared our tournament reports and discussed how our decks were positioned for the meta. 

We released a poll asking players to rank decks in Control, Aggro, and Combo as well as choose a best deck in the format. On this episode, we discuss the results of that poll!

The cast discuss the most recent bannings in the Modern format and evaluate potential bans in Legacy. They also review new and exciting decks that have entered the Legacy metagame!

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