Casual Ponderings

Casual Ponderings is a Magic: the Gathering podcast dedicated to Modern and Legacy. Join Corey, Seth, and Brandon each week as they discuss the game from a casual point of view.

September 3rd, 2019    

Ep. 43 - Forging the Ban Hammer

The cast react to the B&R updates. Did Hogaak deserve to go? Can graveyard strategies survive without Faithless Looting? Will Stoneforge Mystic hurt deck diversity? Tune in to get our opinions!

August 27th, 2019    

E. 42 - Big Mana with Ethan Bowen

The cast invite Ethan Bowen onto the show to discuss the differences between Post and Stompy decks in Legacy.

August 20th, 2019    

Ep. 41 - Depths Over 9000

Seth and Brandon share their recent legacy results, and Brandon discusses what he believes is the best deck in legacy.

August 13th, 2019    

Ep. 40 - A Modern Makeover

Corey and Seth invite Brandon "the KiDD" Smith back on the show to discuss the state of Modern and ideas to improve the format.

August 5th, 2019    

Ep. 39 - Legacy Control with Brandon “The KiDD” Smith

Corey and Seth invite Brandon "The KiDD" Smith onto the show to discuss Miracles, 4c Control, and the overall state of control decks post War of the Spark and Modern Horizons.

July 30th, 2019    

Ep. 38 - Cubing and Brewing with Will McCarty

Corey and Seth invite Will McCarty onto the show to talk about building your first cube, being innovative with brewing, and the status of Jund in Modern and Legacy!

July 24th, 2019    

Ep. 37 - Circle of Protection: Rant

Corey and Seth talk about their Modern Cube experiences, the update to the B&R list, and the announcement of Throne of Eldraine!

July 16th, 2019    

Ep. 36 - Running through Wrenn and Six with My Woes

Wrenn and Six has proven to be powerful enough for Legacy! Join Corey and Seth as they discuss the Planeswalker and the decks that it is showing up in!

July 9th, 2019    

Ep. 35 - Arcanists Get All the Girls

Corey shares a new deck that he's been brewing in the Modern format: Mardu Arcanist. 

July 3rd, 2019    

Ep. 34 - Core Set 2020

Corey and Seth discuss cards from Core Set 2020 that could see play in Modern or Legacy.

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